Chknfoot’s Vision and Purpose

Vision and Purpose.

After playing the game for some time, I have managed to talk to a lot of people, either random or my very own guild members. I have observed that a majority of the gamers are just one of these; those not doing anything productive in-real life, those who don’t have a job yet, those who have difficulty socializing otherwise, those who are having midlife crisis, people who are unhappy, or some even depressed.

“I’ve had my share of hard times too. Truthfully, I also used gaming as some sort of escape. Thus, the birth of Chknfoot. Gratefully though, I recovered from that phase of my life, and since then I wanted nothing more but to do the same for my guild-mates.” -Parachute

As previously mentioned about the guild leader, the In-game name (IGN) “Parachute” has its own significance to this guild.

“My former in-game name in MMORPG games is Ibarra or nYcIbarra. I started using “Parachute” when i created Chknfoot. While Chknfoot represents peace, Parachute symbolizes hope and guidance whenever the guild or a guild member falls down.” -Parachute

My vision is to be able to create a guild website like no other. One which implements features that every member will love and (might even consider as) a temporary rehabilitation for some until they are ready to face reality again.

I am also planning to include features that will give members an opportunity to earn a little cash while playing. This would also be a great opportunity for hardcore gamers to experience things out of their comfort zone. It won’t be a full-time job, but at least something that will help these gamers earn while being able to do what they like.

“Through this, I wish to end the notion that depicts gaming as a waste of time.” -Parachute

The guild website isn’t only be restricted to gaming alone. Instead, our main goal is to aim a community with similar interest. Further website features will be announced in the future.

So here I am, re-establishing my guild as a company. A guild community where everybody would welcome friends, clients, co-workers and co-guildies from all over the world because, in Chknfoot, we say yes to diversity.

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