About the Guild Leader

Brief Credentials.

While everybody else was competing at all active sports, specifically during high-school intramurals, I was winning my gold-medal in chess for a few consecutive years. While sports teams had been so proud with their winning golden trophy, I was also proud bringing back a scout battalion in school and handing the institution its first Eagle Scout Medal after 17 years of drought.

Then, everybody started playing MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games such as DotA (Defense of the Ancients), while i started focusing on MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) like my all-time favorite, Ragnarok Online.

Now, what’s my point? Nothing really.

There’s just no easy way to admit that the guild leader of Chknfoot is sooo bad at MOBA Games. Although, I am pretty good at MMORPGs and probably, somehow, sums up all my gaming credentials. Anyway…

Bits of Childhood.

Ragnarok Online was my childhood. Before migrating here in the States, I remember clearly how huge RO had been back in the Philippines.

“It was nation-widely intense — From country down to the smallest neighborhood, at least somebody was playing RO, assuming there was internet connection in that area. I forgot how many servers there were before i quit, but the daily average online can easily reach 15,000-25,000 distributed on all servers.” -Parachute, Chknfoot Guild.

When I was younger, after class, I had to ride a jeepney or take a cab just to reach a certain “internet cafe” where a particular Ragnarok Online guild would hang out. No one else played on that cafe, but them. I had endured being made a “helper” (aka. slave) just to get in that guild.

That includes buying them refreshments and serving them snacks since it has become either a customary for the new members to do so or I just had been fooled.

My Ragnarok Online story may had been so f*cked up, but I guarantee you, it was over-all fun. yeah, i think..


My former in-game name in MMORPG games is Ibarra or nYcIbarra. I started using “Parachute” when i created Chknfoot.

While Chknfoot represents peace, Parachute symbolizes hope and guidance whenever the guild or a guild member falls down.

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