Chknfoot’s History

Guild History.

When we first started out, Chknfoot is considered a low-profile, social and competitive guild. Though the logo of our guild symbolizes peace, we have accepted our popularity linked with Chknfoods in the likes of KFC, Chickens, or a random chant from afar, “Bok bok bok book!”

After all, we had our newbie moments in Ragnarok Online. We were once a pathetic guild trying to compete in War of Emperium (Second Edition) without even knowing the mechanics of the game.

Being the guild leader, I have long accepted our fate, but typing all this introduction makes me somehow regret not choosing a different guild name. Anyway, Let’s proceed.

Chknfoot symbolizes, or a disparaging term for, the peace symbol.

The Birth of Chknfoot Guild.

We started out as a guild in Ragnarok Online. Amusing thing is, we were not even playing on an official server. We basically played and hopped from one private server to another.

Why did we do that you ask? There was just something in RO that kept us coming back, but also mainly because we don’t have the luxury of game-time to play in official “low” rates games.

The game was very addictive, from the story-line of Norse Mythology background to the game mechanics, aesthetics, and intensity. It is indeed a classic, one of the games anyone would enjoy.

However, the game that we loved and adored changed drastically.

“The community got so messed up. Private servers kept dying. Also, If you don’t have the luxury of time to be online 24/7, you will be behind your rivals.” -Parachute, Guild Leader.

Throughout the years, the entire RO feel started fading and the game became toxic.

“Guild leaders like me have to make sure 26-32 guild members are present during War of Emperium, because even a single absentee is already a huge disadvantage.” -Parachute, Guild Leader.

We eventually grown old and even became so much better in game. Plus, the majority of guild members started getting busy in their respective lives.

“We gone better in our careers: gaming, school, work, etc. However, the game was not growing and getting better along with us. There is no progress if we stick in RO anymore.” -Parachute, Guild Leader.

We still need to get better. We need improvements. We need to Level-Up, Tentenenet tenet!

Currently, The Guild’s Status.

Inactive. We are re-establishing our guild into an entertainment company/website.

Though majority of the members are inactive now in Ragnarok Online, including the leader, other members are playing for other guilds to kill time. As I have mentioned above, there is just something in RO that kept us coming back. Others play variety of games as well.

Regardless what life leads us, we still keep it touch. It’s because we consider ourselves not just your average gaming guild, but rather a family, Chknfoot family. Bok Bok!



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